Saturday, July 11, 2009

Anger..not so bad an emotion...and not so difficult to change..

Anger is present in all of us, though its intensity varies from person to person. Even though anger is almost always seen as a negative trait, expressing it once in a while is not a bad thing. If you cannot express anger, you will find it equally difficult to express other feelings such as love, because the repressed anger will surface. Angry people express hostility they have toward you, which makes you aware of the harm they could possibly inflict. For this reason, you do not fear the person. But you need to be concerned about the people who never get angry with you. Most likely, this person has been repressing their feelings and one day will burst like a volcano. I am not encouraging anger here. What I am saying is that anger is an emotion that needs to be managed properly. So what needs to be done? How can we get rid of anger without repressing it?• Understand the science behind your feelings. You don't have to behave in an aggressive manner just because you have done so in the past. Life is spontaneous and ever-changing, so live in the present and be mature enough to grow out of conditioned behavior. • Remember that no one in the world lives by your expectations. Realize that you needn't be angry if others don't do what you expect. • Instead of getting angry at your problems, see them as challenges and opportunities, which are essential for your growth as a human being. However, if this advice does not seem to work for you, take note of the following anecdote, which talks about a father and his short-tempered son. One day, the father gives his son 100 nails and tells him to nail them each to a wall, then take them out one by one. It takes the son forever to accomplish this as the nails are fixed deeply into the wall. Frustrated, the son asks the father the purpose of wasting his time with this silly act. His father explains that the nails are representative of anger. It's easy to put nails in the wall but taking them out is very hard. In addition, even after you take all the nails out they leave behind a mark. The same situation applies to anger. It's very easy to behave violently when angry. The hard part is to bring back the trust and love you had with the person beforehand. Even after you apologize, things are often not the same and your anger has left a painful impression. The son certainly learned his lesson,. The question is, have you?

Friday, July 3, 2009



Benefits of Meditation

Mediation is a broad topic and must be understood and practiced with proper step-by-step guidance.

Since we naturally want to invest in something that will give us good returns, I have decided to write a series of posts on the benefits of meditation. Subsequent posts will explore the hows and whys of meditation. Here are some benefits of daily mediation:

•Good health: It is a proven fact that people who meditate regularly visit doctors much less often than those who don't practice meditation.

•Prevents senility: After the age of 40, our brain cells die off at a rate of 100,000 per day. Regular meditation helps to reduce this rate, slowing the deterioration of body and mind associated with old age.

•Reduce sleep hours: It's always the quality of sleep that matters, and not the quantity. With regular meditation, your sleep hours would be reduced, yet you would be energized and active like never before. Advanced meditators can even sleep for just three hours and still feel deep peace and activeness.

•Stress level reduction: Meditation greatly reduces stress levels and also strengthens the nervous system.

•Decline in negative thoughts and emotions: With meditation, you will develop very sharp senses. This will reduce your negative thoughts because then you will be able to more clearly distinguish between the positive and the negative. Ultimately, then, choosing the positive.

•Fast action: You will develop strong willpower and a sharp memory. What used to take five hours before will take only around two hours. Your decisions will be very fast and highly accurate.

•Healthy relationships: You will develop a deep sense of love and understanding with your partner, and other relations will be strengthened.

•Magnetic personality: A person who meditates regularly possesses a very attractive personality. Other people get attracted to him or her for the reasons even they are unaware of.

•No more frustrations: The situations that used to make you upset or frustrated will no longer make you feel so. You will realize the stupidity of indulging in such minor matters.

•Change in outlook: Once you meditate regularly for a month or so, other people will start asking you what's keeping you so peaceful and happy. They will be surprised to look at your sudden growth in all aspects of life.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. Regular meditation will give you amazing success in whatever field you choose. A time will come when you will realize that it's even more important than everything you have been doing because with meditation, you will do all your work with much ease.

All the best!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

spiritual service

Hi friends! Thought of sharing my experience with you friends on spirituality.

I have heard a lot about spiritual healing and services, i have heard people saying that one can change his/her life through spirituality, meditation or by following a guru. Spirituality can even get you the salvation....or to some extent make you realize the truth of the world or in another word that it brings you nearer to the GOD. I have heard people saying about miracles what spirituality brings in ones life...well i was not a beliver in this spirituality till i meat team, specialy swamiji.

Before i write further about my experience i would like to mention one thing that not everybody belives in everything but to belive something one needs to try it. Rest you know the best.

Well i came to US about 7 years ago...i was working with a big MNC firm... were making handsome money...i was enjoying my life to the fullest....just busy with my life and making money...after couple of years i got married back in my country... then came back to US and started waiting for my wife to join me ( she needed the visa to come)...but there was no end for the waiting period. Everyday i was geting more anxious and nervous but nothing was happening i was really upset and meanwhile i lost my job and got into a terriable situation...i really did not know what to do and what was about 5 months that i was without job and i ran out of all my savings....i was left with no option but to go back to my the same time one of my friend who is always inclined toward the spirituality suggested me to meet some astrologer or a spiritual healer....though i never belived in this but i thought lets try this last thing....i consulted one of the spiritual healer i.e, i visited there place, the moment i got inn that place belive it or not i had a very positive vibaration and a kind or peace within....i had an opportunity to meet Swamiji... i just sat there and had some general talk with Swamiji...i didnt even tell him about my problems and he said "my son dont worry everything will be allright i know you are going through a tuff time" he designed my birth chart and said there is some kind of planet disorder and he will do some kind of ancient ritual "pooja" to keep the negative energy away from my life...i said ok....he told me about some meditation "yoga" practise to perform everyday.... he said "My son i dont know how much happiness this things would bring to your life but i can say that these things would definitely help you to deal things better"....i started reciteing some Mantra what he gave to me and started practising meditation...and i started realizing the difference within....well it took some time but i was much at peace and much better to deal any matter....after some 20 or 22 days i got a job with a better company and i dealt the immigration issue related to my wife much better and finally she joined me within one and half i find myself a much better human and i always have a positive energy....Thanks a lot to and beloved Swamiji....Thank you so much.